"Everything started with the
charm of dance..."

The Spirit of Selezza London began with the enthusiasm of rhythms, the aesthetic of movement, the flow of music. Just like the unique details of each movement of the dance, each individual piece of Selezza is carefully prepared with your body to heal and protect the skin naturally.

The Selezza London collections, created with best contemporary fabrics as tulle, lace, silk with exclusive prints, bespoke embellishments and embroidery, are designed for modern, cosmopolitan women looking for sophistication and feminine silhouettes.


Established in 2015 by designer Elena Zaim – SELEZZA is an affordable luxury fashion brand promoting the idea of timeless design. The brand offers elegant occasion and day to evening wear for modern, cosmopolitain women looking for sophistication and feminine silhouettes.

Our collections are carefully designed in London and produced in Europe, in our own factory located in Aegean Free Zone, Izmir. The pieces are limited to small runs to ensure that all the garments are beautifully finished to the highest possible quality.

-C E R E M O N Y  S T Y L E-

The Brand Represents the “Ceremony Style” Which is Brand Recognition.

-S M A R T   C A S U A L    S T Y L E-

The Brand Offers the Bright Elegant Total Looks.

"Sustainability is
the key feature about SELEZZA garments,
therefore creating pieces that will stand
the test of time reflects SELEZZA philosophy."


Selezza London has formed valuable relationships with qualified international retailers,

such as boutiques, department stores, chain stores.

The brand deals with the worldwide distribution and presented in more than 50 points in Europe,

CIS countries, Middle and Far East.