The spirit of Selezza London began with the enthusiasm of rhythms, the aesthetic of movement, the flow of music.  Just like the details of each movement of the dance, each piece of Selezza London collections is vivid and unique.

     The Selezza London collections, created with best contemporary fabrics as tulle, lace, silk with exclusive prints, bespoke embellishments and embroidery, are designed for modern, cosmopolitain women looking for sophisticated and feminine silhouettes.

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   Selezza London was founded by designer Elena Zaim. Famous ballroom dancer, founder and leader of a dancesport club, Elena started from a small atelier of dance costumes when in 2015 established her own fashion brand.

    The collections of the brand are carefully designed in London and produced in Europe, in the own manufacturing company, which makes it possible to produce products in a short time as well as provide the opportunity to make re orders to the clients. At the same time, the pieces are limited to small runs to ensure high quality finish in all stages of their life cycle.


   Luxury evening and cocktail attire are brand’s signature items.


    Brand offers chic and timeless pieces to elevate your style on a daily basis.


   Selezza London has formed valuable relationships with qualified international retailers, such as boutiques, department stores, chain stores.

   The brand deals with the worldwide distribution and presented in more than 50 points in Europe, CIS countries, Middle and Far East.


The Brand Selezzza London is presented in the showrooms:

– Milan

– London

Trade show experience:

– The One Milano

– TRANOI Paris

– Pure London

– Mode Shanghai

– Who’s next Paris

   Sustainability is the key feature of Selezza London garments, therefore creating pieces that will stand the test of time reflects Selezza philosophy.

   Owning manufacture gives brand an opportunity to provide healthy and fair working conditions, save energy and minimize waiste.